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Employees were very professional, they handled a difficult tree with ease and very quickly. The arborist was knowledgeable with great recommendations. Great quality!!! Would recommend.
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Elevate the health and beauty of your trees and lawn with our expert tree removal, tree care, lawn care & landscaping services. Trust Titanium Tree Cutting to transform your outdoor space.


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Titanium Tree Cutting, LLC: Your Tree Removal Company!

When it comes to tree service there’s no company quite like Titanium Tree Cutting. We bring precision attention to detail, care, and over 28 years of experience to every job. Our team of certified arborists use top-quality equipment to assess your trees’ health and determine the best solutions. Family-owned and operated since 1995, we bring precision, care, and over 28 years of experience to every job. Our team of certified arborists use top-quality equipment to assess your trees’ health and determine the best solutions. 

Whether you need tree trimming to remove branches or total removal of a diseased or leaning tree, you can trust us to provide safe, reliable service while protecting the rest of your landscape and home.

What truly sets our tree removal company apart is our use of best practices. From mulching and repurposing fallen trunks to careful pruning that maintains growth, we focus on sustainability. We also know that taking down a beloved tree is difficult, which is why we operate with compassion. Let us safely and responsibly care for your trees, lawn, and landscape. 

From the initial consultation to the final cleanup, you’ll appreciate our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction each step of the way. We're prepared to service YOU and have 30 trucks ready to go. Contact the team today to get your trees back in top condition!

Check Out Some of Our Previous Tree Service Work

Take a look at some of the recent tree service and tree removal work done by Titanium Tree Cutting in Farmington Hills, Michigan.
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Providing Top-Tier Lawn & Landscape Care

We are passionate landscaping professionals who will design and build your perfect customize landscape, whether a lush, maintained lawn, vibrant gardens and flower beds, landscape lighting, or a full grounds transformation.

Tree Services

We have decades of experience in safely caring for all types of trees. Whether you need tree trimming, disease treatment, removal, or other tree services, our qualified team utilizes top-quality equipment and practices to assess tree health, recommend solutions, and implement reliable tree care that protects your landscape.


Our full-service landscaping company brings new life to residential properties through sustainable practices and custom landscape design. We enjoy creating beautiful, functional spaces that our clients love, and we specialize in installation, lawn care, irrigation solutions, & shrub and tree care.

Lawn Care

Expect our lawn care specialists to make your yard thrive with lush, healthy grass right before your eyes. We assess soil conditions, troubleshoot issues, apply balanced fertilizer and seed, maintain a mowing schedule, edge along walkways, control weeds, aerate compacted areas, and clean up debris.
We used Titanium Tree to remove the stumps and we were completely satisfied. The company's customer service is second to none. We highly recommend them for any tree issues you may have!
– Brian
taking on trees since 1995

Have Unruly Trees? Call for Tree Service Farmington Hills MI!

Our professional services ensure healthy living trees and safely resolve issues with the environment, property, and life in mind. We'll provide you with free estimates for tree removals, emergency services, stump grinding, and more. We're the go to tree service!

Tree Removal

When it's time for tree removal in Farmington Hills MI, rely on our professional tree removal services to get the job done safely and effectively. We have over two decades of experience taking down trees of all sizes and types, from small trees all the way up to large trees, like an oak stretching over 100 feet tall. Every tree removal begins with an on-site assessment from our qualified arborists to determine the most efficient take-down plan.

We show up with the proper equipment and utilize methods like rigging and controlled dismantling to protect your home and yard while bringing the tree down in pieces. Call if you require emergency tree service too! We'll be there!

Tree Trimming

Overgrown trees can create a range of issues for residential and commercial properties, but our professional tree trimming services restore beauty and safety. With our expertise, eco-friendly practices, precision equipment, and personalized care for every tree, we tackle tree trimming projects of all sizes.

We clear branches from buildings, power lines, and sight lines, trim back encroaching growth along fences or foundations, shape ornamental and fruit trees for healthier structure, remove dead or dying limbs prone to falling, and perform canopy elevation for more sunlight. You can trust our tree pruning. The Titanium team is locally owned and offers great service to Oakland County MI.

Stump Removal

Once a cherished tree has been removed, allow our team to complete the process by extracting the remaining stump and roots. Having a stump ground is essential not only for visual appeal when planning new landscaping but also to prevent sprouting of new growth that can damage patio pavers or a replacement tree's health.

Through drilling, grinding, and mulching what remains below ground, we complete stump removal for stumps of all sizes. We'll also fill the holes and evenly distribute fresh soil and seed so you can establish lush new plantings. With the stump eliminated fully, the only remnants of your tree will be fond memories.

Tree Care

Keep your trees thriving for generations to come through our complete tree care services. From newly planted saplings to mature specimens standing tall for decades, every tree has unique needs for ideal growth and vigor. That’s why our tree experts don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We carefully assess soil, water, sunlight, disease resistance, limb structure, and more before designing a custom tree care plan.

Precision pruning, disease control, fertilization, cabling, hazard reduction, and other solutions ensure your trees remain healthy and structurally sound. Our sustainable practices promote longevity, beauty, and value.

Root Removal

At Titanium Tree Cutting in Farmington Hills, our root removal services are the epitome of precision and care. We understand the importance of maintaining your landscape's health while addressing root-related issues. With our expert team and state-of-the-art equipment, we delicately excavate around trees, exposing their root systems with surgical precision.

We sever roots efficiently using specialized tools and techniques, minimizing disruption to the tree and surrounding soil. Our meticulous approach provides the tree stability while promoting the vitality of your landscape. Trust us for root removal services that prioritize both your trees' health and your property's integrity.

Limb & Branch Removal

Titanium Tree Cutting in Farmington Hills offers unparalleled limb and branch removal services to keep your trees thriving and your property safe. Our skilled arborists meticulously assess each tree, identifying and expertly removing dead, damaged, or overgrown limbs. With precision cuts and advanced equipment, we put minimal stress on the tree while enhancing its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Whether pruning for safety or promoting healthy growth, our team handles every job with professionalism and care. Count on our team for limb and branch removal services that elevate the beauty and safety of your outdoor space.

Emergency Services

Our emergency tree services are your first line of defense in the face of sudden tree crises. With over two decades of experience, Titanium Tree Cutting offers rapid response and precision care to swiftly address hazardous situations. Whether a storm-damaged limb threatens your home or a fallen tree obstructs access, our certified arborists and state-of-the-art equipment are ready 24/7.

We prioritize safety, minimizing further risk to your property, and restoring peace of mind with our efficient, reliable service.

Leaf Removal

Keep your landscape pristine with our comprehensive leaf removal services. While autumn leaves are beautiful, they can smother your lawn, clog gutters, and harbor pests if not managed properly. we employ eco-friendly techniques to collect and remove leaves, promoting a vibrant, healthy outdoor space.

Our services extend beyond mere aesthetics; removing leaves enhances sunlight penetration and moisture access to your grass, contributing to a lush, thriving garden.

Gorgeous Landscape Installation for Any Home

Our full-service landscape installation team transforms beautifies your property exterior:

  • Softscaping includes installing flowering beds, shrubs, trees, and ornamental plants
  • Landscape lighting - Beautiful, functional outdoor lighting that adds elegance and safety
  • Irrigation systems - Efficient watering technology and sprinklers tailored for your yard
  • Sod installation - Fresh, durable, quality sod laid by experienced pros

We utilize the latest techniques and equipment to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, functional environment you’ll be proud to call your own front or backyard oasis. Our team promptly responds to service calls and provides transparent estimates and responsible clean-up.

Trust Titanium Tree Cutting and Landscaping as your complete outdoor living services provider in Farmington Hills. 

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High-Quality, Healthy Lawn Services

Our comprehensive lawn care services rejuvenate grass for flawless landscapes:

  • Thorough assessment pinpoints drainage, nutrient, pest, and other issues stunting turfgrass
  • Balanced fertilization nourishes hardy roots, uniform growth
  • Aerating punctures soil so oxygen and water can penetrate
  • Dethatching clears decaying grass to encourage fresh green blades
  • Mowing, edging, and cleanup for precision presentation

Trust our turfgrass revival process for carpets of lush, vibrant grass. Get in touch to schedule services today!


Our Service Areas Near Farmington Hills

When seeking exceptional landscape and tree services in Farmington Hills, MI, it’s understandable to prefer a company close to home that can swiftly dispatch crews to your property 24 hours a day and even in emergency needs. That’s why our teams are strategically located throughout all of Michigan because we service Oakland county and every city in Michigan to provide convenient services to residents and businesses in your area.

We have multiple field offices and equipment yards, allowing us to mobilize rapidly; we minimize travel time so crews can devote more attention to beautifying your property.

Discover the dedication of arborists and landscapers who call your neighborhood home. Contact us today! We offer free estimates.

Novi, MI
Livonia, MI
Troy, MI
Southfield, MI
Plymouth, MI
Royal Oak, MI
All cities throughout Michigan
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Our Helpful FAQs About Tree Removal Services

We answer the most commonly asked questions about our industry-leading lawn, landscape, and tree services, giving you easy access to key details to make informed decisions.
Tree removal is the process of safely cutting down an entire tree and extracting its stump and root system. Professional tree removal is important for diseased or dying trees that pose hazards, as well as clearing space for structures, increasing sun exposure, improving aesthetics, and meeting other property needs.
Our arborists are experts at diagnosing tree health issues, whether disease, pests, deficiencies, or other problems. After a thorough on-site inspection and assessment, we clearly explain what is impacting your tree's health, along with custom recommendations to restore beauty and vitality.
Removing damaged, dying, or problematic trees can improve safety, increase sunlight exposure, and enhance aesthetic appeal of a property to allow room for new plantings. However, tree removal is an irreversible process. Before deciding, carefully consider the tree's health, possible alternatives like trimming, and any emotional ties to the existing tree. Our arboriculture professionals balance homeowners' safety, sunlight exposure, and beauty goals with environmental considerations when advising whether to prune, treat diseased specimens, or regretfully take down treasured trees. The removal process provides an opportunity to reimagine the outdoor space and curate a revitalized landscape vision.

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