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Check out some of the amazing before and after photos from our clients of completed projects.


Check Out Our Reviews From Recent Tree Service Clients

Take a moment to scroll down and witness the impressive work of Titanium Tree Cutting. Below, we have a collection of before-and-after photos that vividly demonstrate our skills and dedication. These images capture the transformation of overgrown or hazardous trees into well-manicured, safe, and aesthetically pleasing landscapes. Each photo is a testament to our commitment to quality and safety, highlighting the dramatic changes we can bring to any space. Whether it's a residential backyard or a public park, our pictures will show you the remarkable impact of our professional tree cutting services.

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Tabatha Johnson Avatar
Tabatha Johnson
I hired Titanium because my sister recommended them. I got my sod completed by them in November of 2022. They did such and excellent job and I wanted to add a review because the guys worked so hard. They had all the sod delivered and they installed everything and it looks awesome. We had to wait to get sod because we had just built our home and now we finally have beautiful grass. - 8/17/2023
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Sara McDonnell Avatar
Sara McDonnell
Titanium removed a very large branch that fell off one tree and landed in another. The branch was nearly touching utility wires and would have torn them down if it shifted position just slightly. Titanium removed the branch the same and took it away. Leon did the work very quickly and efficiently. Thank you very much! - 7/17/2023
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Lindsey Vroman Avatar
Lindsey Vroman
I love the professionalism shown by everyone at Titanium Tree Cutting LLC. I was able to get an appointment for an estimate within a few days. They came out to talk to me about what I wanted done. I was impressed with his knowledge of trees/stump removal, landscaping and concern for my property. The quote I received from him came in at a good price and the detailed drawing and plan of action far exceeded the vague notes of others. They even included their insurance information with the quote, which no other company did. I had two massive trees removed, the canopy lifted, branches removed from my roofing and a lot of brush and undergrowth removed. The were on time for the appointment and came out each day to check on the progress and to see if I was happy with it. It came out beautifully. The employees were very polite and careful to clean up all debris, of which there was a lot. I didn't even see left over bottles, lunch wrappers, or other debris that frequently accompany work of this type being done. I received the invoice in a timely manner and their payment options were easy to manage. Titanium Tree Cutting LLC is the standard of what a business and service should stand for. Thank you for your service. - 6/17/2023
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Brandon Fletcher Avatar
Brandon Fletcher
Good quality professional people! Also financing for services is available. - 6/17/2023
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Timothy Peacock Avatar
Timothy Peacock
Titanium Tree Cutting did an incredible job removing a large tree from our yard along with a couple bushes. They also trimmed and shaped a few arborvitae up against our home. Leon may be the nicest guy I’ve ever met. Exceptionally professional! Everyone on the crew was hard working and knew exactly what to do to get the job done! - 1/17/2023
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Lois Platte Avatar
Lois Platte
A tree fell onto my house and property during a recent wind storm. Titanium was the only company that responded promptly to my calls for tree removal services. Titanium customer service was patient and demonstrated a continuing willingness to serve me even after I had to postpone the tree removal. - 1/17/2023
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