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Titanium Tree Cutting provides comprehensive exterior services, including tree trimming and removal, lawn care, landscaping, irrigation systems, and commercial tree services.

Lawn Care

Lawn Fertilizing
Weekly Weeding
Lawn Seeding
Lawn Maintenance


Landscape Installation
Landscape Design
Landscape Repair
Landscape Lighting

Tree Service

Tree Removal
Tree Trimming
Stump Removal

Irrigation & Sod

Sprinkler Installation
Sprinkler Repair
Sod Installation
And Much More!
We used Titanium Tree to remove the stumps and we were completely satisfied. The company's customer service is second to none. We highly recommend them for any tree issues you may have!
– Brian
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Expert Tree Services Since 2012

With an expert team of arborists, Titanium Tree Cutting offers premium tree care, including pruning for health and aesthetics, hazardous tree assessment and removal, stump grinding, storm damage mitigation, and plant health care to nurture your trees.

Tree Removal

When it's time to remove a tree on your property, rely on the experienced professionals at Titanium Tree Cutting. We bring comprehensive expertise in safe, efficient tree removal in Farmington Hills, no matter the type, size, or location. Our team assesses each tree's unique risks and access challenges to determine the best techniques and equipment needed, whether using aerial lifts, cranes, climbers on ropes, or other methods.

We carefully section and lower limbs and trunks while protecting your home and landscaping. Expert stump grinding returns the area to a smooth surface. We also provide wood disposal services if desired. Expect FAST service - We have 30 trucks ready to go!

Tree Removal →

Tree Trimming

Keep your trees in optimal health and beauty with professional tree trimming for your Farmington Hills, MI home. Our experienced arborists assess each tree's condition and trimming needs, whether for health, safety, aesthetics, or other reasons. We use proper techniques and equipment to carefully prune branches, focusing on maintaining the tree's natural form and structural integrity.

Precision trimming clears obstructions for your home or power lines, improves sunlight exposure, enhances shapes, removes dead branches, and more. We can schedule periodic trimming as needed. Our goal is tree preservation using proven practices.

Tree Trimming →

Stump Removal & Grinding

After removing trees, Titanium Tree Cutting completes the job by providing expert stump removal and grinding services. We use powerful grinders to eliminate leftover stumps and roots, leaving your landscape smooth and ready for new plants, a driveway, patios, or other features.

Our technicians are highly trained to perform stump removal safely and efficiently, carefully maneuvering equipment in tight spaces near buildings, utilities, and other obstacles.

We remove surface stumps of all sizes and expose and grind deeper root systems. Whether you have one unsightly stump or multiple throughout your property, rely on our professional services for prompt, affordable stump resolution.

Stump Removal and Grinding →

Tree Care

At Titanium Tree Cutting, we provide complete tree care to keep your trees thriving in beauty and health year after year. Our arborists thoroughly assess trees to recommend appropriate services based on condition, age, species, and environment.

Precision pruning maintains ideal structure and form while improving sunlight exposure, clearing obstructions, and more. We offer soil amendments, root treatments, pest control, and other plant healthcare to treat disease and prevent decline.

Our team handles proper planting and transplantation along with ongoing maintenance like watering and fertilization. We provide seasonal protection from storms, freezing, high heat, and more.


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Tree Pruning

At Titanium Tree Cutting, we understand the importance of regular tree pruning in maintaining the health and beauty of your landscape. Our tree pruning service starts with a comprehensive assessment of your trees' health and structure. Our skilled arborists carefully inspect each tree to identify dead, diseased, or overgrown branches that need removal. This thorough evaluation ensures we address all potential issues, promoting the longevity and vitality of your trees.

Once the assessment is complete, our team meticulously removes the identified branches using precise and safe pruning techniques. We adhere to industry standards to ensure the best results, using the latest tools and technology to perform our tasks efficiently and effectively. Each cut is made carefully for the tree's health and reduces the risk of disease and decay. 

Tree Pruning →

Limb and Branch Removal

In addition to our comprehensive tree pruning services, Titanium Tree Cutting specializes in limb and branch removal. Overgrown, dead, or damaged branches can pose significant hazards to your property and loved ones. Our limb and branch removal service is designed to address these risks promptly and effectively. Our team of skilled arborists assesses the condition of your trees to identify branches that need removal.

Our limb and branch removal process uses industry-standard techniques and equipment to safely and efficiently remove problematic branches. We greatly minimize any impact on the surrounding area, ensuring your property remains clean and undamaged. By removing hazardous branches, we protect your property and improve the overall appearance and structure of your trees.

Limb and Branch Removal →

creating gorgeous outdoor spaces

We're Landscaping Legends

Our tree, lawn, and landscape company offers full-service landscaping for stunning curb appeal, including design consultations, hardscaping like patios and retaining walls, softscaping with trees, shrubs, and flowers, lighting to highlight features, and automated irrigation installation and repair.

Landscape Design

Transform your outdoor space into a stunning, personalized haven with Titanium Tree Service's bespoke landscape design in Farmington Hills area.

Landscape Repair

Revitalize damaged or neglected landscapes with our expert landscape repair services, ensuring your green space thrives all year round.

Landscape Install

Bring your vision to life with our professional landscape installation, creating a seamless and beautiful outdoor environment.

Sod Installation

Achieve an instantly lush lawn with our efficient sod installation services. Our options are perfect for a quick and transformative green makeover.
Beautify your lawn with us!

Over Two Decades of Lawn Care Experience

We provide comprehensive lawn care, including mowing, aerating, dethatching, fertilization, tree and shrub pruning, weed and pest treatments, and sprinkler maintenance for a lush, healthy landscape.

Lawn Fertilizing

To get a beautifully verdant lawn, trust us for professional fertilization and soil amendments. Our technicians analyze your grass species, trouble spots, drainage, and other factors to create a customized nutrient program.

Promotes growth
Improves disease resistance
Enhances overall vigor

Lawn Seeding

For gorgeous new lawns or to fill problem areas, rely on our professional lawn seeding. Our experts evaluate conditions, grade and amend soil, select appropriate grass seed mixes, and use quality equipment to sow seeds evenly.

Repairs damaged areas
Enhances curb appeal
Thickens thinning lawns


We offer natural, eco-friendly weeding services to eliminate weeds from lawns, gardens, and landscaped beds. Our experts identify weeds and use targeted manual removal. We'll leave your landscape beds looking pristine!

Prevents weeds from spreading
Allows desired plants to thrive
Enhances visual appeal
keeping landscapes lit and well-watered

Valuable Irrigation & Landscape Lighting Systems

Titanium Tree Cutting offers complete solutions for outdoor living environments including automated irrigation system installation and repair for lush greenery and energy-efficient landscape lighting to highlight trees, pathways and architecture after sunset.


Achieve a flourishing landscape with smart irrigation systems installed by our team. We design and integrate water-efficient sprinkler systems, keeping plant needs, terrain, and environmental factors in mind for full coverage and health.

Promotes healthy plants
Saves time and effort
Maximizes water efficiency


Installing elegant, durable landscape lighting to showcase the natural beauty of your property after dark, with options like path lights, floodlights, deck lighting, and more for safety plus style. Call now to receive a FREE design consultation.

Enhances safety and security
Highlights landscape features
Creates dramatic ambiance


Keep your outdoor systems operating flawlessly with our irrigation and lighting repair services. Our technicians quickly diagnose issues and perform expert maintenance or repairs, replacement, and upgrades.

Identifies issues early
Fixes defects properly
Enhances functionality

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