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We're a local, family-owned tree cutting Farmington Hills, Michigan, service that has been operating in our town for over 15 years. We specialize in the safe removal of trees of all sizes from residential properties.

Our team of certified arborists brings skill, experience, and the latest equipment to take down trees in difficult locations near homes, power lines, or other structures. We are known for our quick estimations, reasonable prices, and for leaving properties clean after finishing a job. Call Titanium Tree Cutting, LLC today!

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30-Trucks Ready to Roll

Our tree service operates a large fleet of 30 modern trucks equipped with aerial lift equipment, wood chippers, stump grinders, cranes, and dump beds.

Fast, Emergency Services

Storms and high winds often cause tree emergencies. Our crews are on call 24/7 to respond rapidly, assess hazardous trees, and restore safety.

Serving All Michigan Cities

With 30 trucks and crews across Michigan, we are positioned to provide tree removal services to residential and commercial customers in large and small communities.

Zero-Cost Quotes

Our certified arborists provide free, no-obligation estimates with comprehensive assessments to determine removal needs while considering your budget.
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Over a Decade of Pro Tree Removal Services

The tree removal professionals at Titanium Tree Cutting have decades of combined on-the-job experience when it comes to safely taking down trees of all shapes and sizes. Our licensed arborists keep up to date with the latest industry best practices and safety standards.

They have mastered precise tree felling techniques to carefully direct falls and minimize property damage. Customers trust our crews to remove tall, unstable trees next to their homes without incident. Weathered by countless storms, our experts know how to assess tree health and structural integrity to determine safety risks.

If we identify fungi, rot, or cavities, we provide an honest consultation. With assessed risks and your objectives in mind, we then suggest removal services or health improvements to provide lasting solutions.


Let's Talk Farmington Hills Tree Cutting Service

We provide complete tree cutting services in Farmington Hills, MI, to residential and commercial customers. Our certified arborists and experienced crews utilize the latest safety gear and equipment to perform services, including:

  • Total tree removals - We safely take down unstable, storm-damaged, or unwanted trees of all sizes from properties.
  • Precision felling - Our arborists expertly direct tree falls to avoid structures, power lines, fences and more.
  • Emergency services - Highly trained crews rapidly respond to hazardous tree emergencies 24 hours a day.
  • Stump grinding - We completely remove troublesome stumps left behind after cutting down trees.
  • Site clean up - We handle chipping, haul away debris, and leave your property tidy after our tree experts finish the job.
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What are the Benefits of Routine Tree Cutting?

Removing large trees, especially those near structures or power lines, is extremely dangerous work best left to trained professionals. Our fully certified arborists and experienced crews have the skills to assess tree hazards and conduct removals safely and efficiently. We carry insurance protecting your property.

Our modern trucks and equipment, like aerial lifts, wood chippers, and crane trucks, allow us to tackle the most challenging removals in tight spaces without disturbing landscapes. Customers benefit from our meticulous planning and execution with precise, directed tree falls and lowered branches protecting structures.

We know how to operate on properties without unnecessary turf damage. Finally, we handle the huge task of cleanup. Sit back while we do the hard, hazardous work for your peace of mind.

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Titanium Tree Cutting is the Right Crew for YOU!

When you choose our tree removal company for removing dangerous trees, you get the safest, most reliable service:

  • Fully certified arborists assess tree hazards and determine necessary services
  • Highly skilled crews with decades of experience perform complicated, technical removals
  • We utilize extensive safety protocols to protect property and avoid injury
  • Our 30 tree removal trucks feature the most advanced equipment, like cranes and aerial lifts
  • We direct tree falls very precisely through expert planning
  • We offer emergency tree services 24/7 for quick response to storms
  • All debris is cleaned up and hauled away, leaving properties in ready-to-use condition

Trust Titanium Tree Cutting, your go to tree service company, who make safety the top priority while protecting the value and aesthetics of your landscape.

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We used Titanium Tree to remove the stumps and we were completely satisfied. The company's customer service is second to none. We highly recommend them for any tree issues you may have!
– Brian

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